AGP5200B (1)


AGP-5200 Revenue computer PC-based operations for advanced functionality and user friendliness. Automatic ticket read or manual key-in of transaction. Use as a stand alone unit or on-line with McGann revenue software for remote reporting and programming.      AMG2000 (1)

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The AMG-2000 series is designed for multiple use in unattended entrances of a parking facility. Typically, it is installed at an entrance to dispense parking tickets with date, time, ticket number, machine number, and rate code printed and magnetically encoded.

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The new AMG-7800 Pay Station brings incredible benefits to the operators of parking lots and garages. Automatic, centralized pay stations (pay-on-foot) placed strategically throughout your facility help optimize resources, reduce pollution, and speed parkers through your facility.

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AMG4400 (1)


The AMG-4000 Express Park System is a multifunctional exit station where patrons can pay directly by credit card or insert validated tickets. Typically, it is installed at an exit to accept entry tickets and validation coupons. Upon ticket insertion the AGP 4400 calculates the parking fee, accepts and processes the credit card, issues a printed receipt and vends the parking gate.

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AMG6800 (1)


TThe AMG-6800 series pay exit pay station is finding wide acceptance in unattended facilities. Operating 24/7, the pay station accommodates transient, discount, service store validation and other processes easily and efficiently.

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AMG6000 (1)



The AMG-6000 is designed for use in unattended exits from a parking facility, allowing time for payment and exit.  Typically it is used in conjunction with centralized pay stations (pay-on-foot) that are placed strategically throughout your facility.

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iParc-Events (1)



Amano McGann Event System

Now you can revolutionize and modernize a traditionally cash business, replacing it with fast, efficient cashless automation. The Amano McGann iParc Professional Event System creates prepaid and credit card options that speed throughput and provide secure revenue management. Reducing cash handling will minimize financial loss and maximize profits.

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valet (1)


Amano McGann Valet Cashiering Terminal

Give your parking patrons first-rate valet service and optimize Revenue Control with Amano McGann iParc Professional Valet cashiering terminal.
The system provides automated cashiering, fee calculation, ticket
tracking, revenue reporting, and optional valet monitoring.

AR100 (1)

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Amano McGann’s AR-100 Automatic Encoder allows you to attract more customers by offering time, fee and/or percentage discounts for parking at your facility, and rate-switchover for valet and special events. The AR-100 is also compact, automatic and easy to use.

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AGP4300 (1)


The AGP-4300 Series ExpressParc Credit Card Only Central Pay Station is typically located at a central location within the parking facility. The system accepts entry tickets, expired exit tickets, validated tickets, and mag-stripe validation coupons, calculates the parking fee, accepts and processes the credit card, prints and issues a receipt on request, and issues a paid exit ticket.

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iClient (1)



iConnect Web Management Client

Amano McGann lowers Total Cost of Ownership in medium to large facilities that need many eyes on the operation of the parking facilities by providing parking management software that runs in an Internet Explorer web-browser.It is safe, secure and easily managed both for the parking manager and for the information technologist — a true win-win for the entire organization.

iParc-Revenue (1)

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iParc Revenue Management System

The iParc Revenue Management System makes it easy to manage revenue for all facilities from a central location. The main screen shows real-time transactions from devices such as fee computes, ticket dispensers, pay stations, exit pass readers, etc. and all the information is stored in the database file.

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