Amano McGann’s iParc Professional Parking Management Software

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Card Access Activity Screen

Amano McGann’s iParc Professional Parking Management Software is a Windows-based, integrated set of program modules designed to operate on configurations ranging from a single desktop computer to a large-scale network.

The iParc Card Access system controls access, provides information on cardholders, and displays usage. When a card is presented, access will be either granted or denied based on user-defined parameters. All access attempts are displayed in real time and stored on the disk.

With over 3,000 installations worldwide, Amano McGann is the most experienced provider of software solutions for the parking industry. When you select McGann, you’re not just getting software. You’re getting years of hands-on experience, years of practical solutions and years of dedicated service to the parking industry.

Multi-Tech Readers

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Amano McGann Multi-Tech readers offer unparalleled versatility to read a wide variety of card technologies in a single reader. The readers are available in Dual, Triple or Quattro configurations to support magnetic stripe, proximity, AVI, barcode and smartcard technologies. These readers are ideal for mixed-use facilities where multiple card technologies are required to accommodate monthly, hotel, valet, temporary, event and visitor parking. Amano McGann software applications provide expanded access control options and reporting for debit or value card programs, credit card acceptance, one-time-use, and auto-activation solutions.

Smart Pass Readers

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TransCore’s line of Amtech ┬« products for parking, based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, is being used to provide everything from automated, controlled access to accurate, electronic collection of parking fees – resulting in significant time and money savings. By combining this leading-edge technology with sophisticated software for billing, reporting, and revenue collection, TransCore is able to provide even greater cost and time efficiency to parking garage owners, gated communities managers, and corporate and municipal parking facilities managers.

The SmartPass reader is compact (39 x 42 x 10 cm) and has a highly reliable read range of 3 meters or more. The reader will not interfere with passing vehicles and is designed specifically to operate as a vehicle access control system.

Traditional manual or mechanical transactions require drivers to stop, roll down their windows, fumble for change, swipe a magnetic stripe card, wave a proximity card, or punch a keypad to gain access. But our nonstop system lets vehicles flow quickly through gates and controlled entrances. Quicker entry and exit from facilities means more convenience for parkers. And more convenience can mean more parkers in your facility – and a greater opportunity for increased revenue.

Variable Message Signs

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Daktronics Transportation products can be found in airports, transit stations, parking garages, along roadways and in construction zones.

The Galaxy® X-1000 series LED displays offer complete text and graphics display capabilities in industrial applications. These displays are made from specially-designed LEDs that provide maximum visibility. Choose from 16-, 32-, and 48-high matrix sizes. The X-1000 display cabinet is designed to NEMA* 4 specifically for mass transit and parking garages.

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