Payroll Processing

At ComputerSearch, we pride ourselves on the customized, personal work we provide our clients. We offer many optional payroll services that are designed specifically to make your payroll administration easier to manage. These options may involve a price change from our standard services. Please ask your sales representative to provide a price quote. LEARN MORE

Tax Filing

Your payroll tax liabilities can be automatically deducted each payroll period, then paid on your behalf to the appropriate agency (Federal or State). All quarterly tax returns are signed and filed automatically. This option is an excellent budgeting tool for long term planning, and you won’t have to worry about IRS penalties! Learn More

Micro/Pay Software

More companies are turning to the Internet to access information on demand. When ComputerSearch created our Micro/Pay payroll application, we had just that in mind. We developed a simple to use, Windows based application for input of payroll and report generating. Micro/Pay allows you to access your data and create custom reports anytime you want all done over the Internet. Learn More

ACA Services

The passage of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (ACA ) has changed the world of health care and significantly increased employers’ compliance responsibilities. For companies processing payroll and tax filing through ComputerSearch, our new ACA services help enable you to be compliant with the employer reporting and print responsibility provisions of ACA in IRS Code sections 6055 and 6056. Learn More

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